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Loss Prevention

As law firms grow and expand, and as the world in which we practice law becomes more complex, global and technologically sophisticated, the number of risks which keep your liability carrier up at night increase exponentially.

Every liability risk starts with behavior (or lack thereof) by a person. And every behavior is preceded by a psychological event.

In other words, every single risk that you manage involves managing the psychology of the individuals who take that risk. In addition, there are some risks that by their very nature are psychological—blind spots, cognitive biases, perceptual biases, mental distortions—all of these can occur in the practice of law, and all can potentially lead to liability.

Luckily, there is a large and growing body of scientific research in this area. We have distilled this research down to a set of core principles that can help law firms reduce their exposure and their risk through a combination of training, policies, systems, and leadership practices.

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